Our Story

The best businesses are born out necessity. Boardwalk came into it’s own working closely with frustrated office managers that didn’t feel like tapping kegs, regulating gas, and curating beer programs for 100-500 personalities – Beer drinkers exist on a spectrum ranging from casual drinkers to craft enthusiasts…employees must be kept happy !!! Over the past decade or so, we’ve learned how to tailor beverage networks to keep every department within your company smiling and productive.  

Good liquids are our passion! We love talking beer. We love talking coffee. We love talking tea and kombucha. We spend as much time working with you as you need until you land on the products that are the right fit. We have a passion for sharing our knowledge and passion with everybody we come into contact with. This is why our jobs dont feel like work  🙂 We go out of our way to bring new brands into town, we go out of our way to host free office wide tastings if your company shows interest in a particular product.

LIQUIDS ARE OUR PASSION. We specialize in beer, coffee and kombucha. This is our wheelhouse…let us lighten your load!

We deliver beer, kombucha, cold brew, ice, & multitude of non-alcoholic beverages to offices and residences all over NYC. What differentiates Boardwalk Liquids is the personal attention and our white glove service provided to our customers; we tap kegs, swap CO2/nitrogen tanks, regulate pressure, clean/swap beer and coffee lines when necessary and curate fantastic beer programs!  

Our Happy Clients

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